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Villa Magia
99100 Kaukonen
Lapland Finland

0400-694 133



Villa Magia_________________________________________________

Welcome to Villa Magia

Hello, my name is Milla.

The locals call me "The World Traveler", but my soul resides firmly in my homestead and on the fells in Lapland, the northern part of Finland.

A Dream Come True

In 1997 I found and bought an old homestead in the village of Kaukonen, which has become my dear home. Renovations began immediately and in 1999 I celebrated the grand opening of my own Art Gallery, Villa Magia.

In my youth I wrote a school essay entitled "What do I want to be when I grow up." I wanted to be an explorer, a flee market merchant and a bohemian artist.

All these dreams have come true!
That is magical.

Villa Magia is open by appointment (whenever!) beginning March 24th.


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- an old barn

Old Inn
- for overnighters

Main building
- my home

- more accommodation

- old smoke sauna